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Preventive Care

At our office, we prioritize preventive care. Preventive care are routine services like checkups, to guard against the onset of possible disease, illnesses, or other health conditions At Imperial Primary Medical Care, we offer the following preventive care services:

  • regular checkups
  • chronic condition care
  • sports physicals
  • health exams
  • immunization

Please calling (562) 902 – 3000 if you are unsure whether a certain service is provided or not.

Radiology Services

No worries if you need to get an x-ray done, as we offer this service on-site at our office! There will be no need to make new appointments or drive to a new location, and your x-rays can even be done within the same visit.

We always have a x-ray technician ready at our office during operating hours to help make the process quick and easy.

Laboratory Analysis

Lab services are tests we conduct on-site to help us better evaluate your health. Some things we offer here are:

  • (limited) urine tests
  • blood tests
  • heart condition tests (via EKG)